making Quick service, Quicker
Modernizing drive-thru monitors with the power of computer vision
April 2023 - June 2023
Kevin Kling
Jay Greenblatt
Alexander Popper
Alberto Rivera
Product Designer
UI Design
Branding Design
Website Design
Problem Context

Hellometer, a Y-Combinator start-up, has pioneered an innovative product to replace conventional loop sensors in quick-service restaurants. Their solution leverages a matrix of cameras powered by computer vision technology.

A crucial component of their product suite includes a display that monitors customers in the drive-through queue, providing real-time insights to quick-service restaurant employees about their performance.

This is where I enter the story; my primary task is to delve into the current market offerings and construct an interface. This interface displays information found from traditional loop timers and also incorporates additional insights uncovered by Hellometer through their computer vision technology.

Final recommendations

Modular Monitor
Since Hellometer is creating custom systems for each of their customers a modular system is vital.
Website Redesign
Logo Redesign
Competitor Research
When taking a peek at other drive-thru monitors like Zoom Nitro, QTimer2.0, and Xenial, we noticed something interesting—they all adopted a modular approach to data visualization.
This suggests that users value flexibility and customization in accessing and interpreting drive-thru data.
In ideating the drive-thru monitor, we aimed for adaptable solutions that maximize efficiency and streamline operations.
Our solution represents an enhanced iteration of conventional drive-thru monitors, uniquely supplemented with insights derived from computer vision technology.
user testing
The initiative began with extensive discussions within our key user segment, from branch managers to frontline employees, gathering a broad spectrum of perspectives to inform the development process.
Starting with an initial approach of providing abundant information, we quickly realized it led to clutter and overwhelm. This highlighted the importance of simplicity. Less is more.

Key metrics should be easily identifiable.
We iteratively developed a custom product tailored to Culver's. We strategically incorporated features to complement their competitive advantage, such as dual order and pull-forward lanes.
This collaborative effort yielded a remarkable achievement: a reduction of wait times by 47 seconds, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction at Culver's pull-forward lanes.
The goal is to create a brand identity that is clean, modern, and professional, but also stands out from competitors to reflect the essence of computer vision.
Hellometer Landing page
Style Guide

Results & Reflection

Designing a drive-thru monitor was a thrilling challenge that I embraced wholeheartedly, seeing it as a fantastic opportunity for growth.

It pushed me to dive headfirst into the world of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), learning on the fly and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. The project was incredibly fulfilling.

It was rewarding to not only tackle the technical aspects, but also to get creative with branding and aesthetics. Bringing a fresh brand identity to life and seamlessly integrating it into the product felt like a significant achievement, highlighting the power of blending design principles with real-world application.
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